Safety Tips To Remember On A Rebounder

A rebounder trampoline can be a valuable fitness device to help you achieve your fitness goals. Many people bounce and/or dance on this piece of equipment as an alternative to traditional aerobic exercises, such as jogging and cycling. Whether you use your new rebounder several times a week throughout the year or you turn to it primarily during the winter when you can't exercise outside, it's important to know how to use this device safely. Here are some useful safety tips that you should keep in mind before you start to use your rebounder trampoline. 

Wear Shoes

While it's certainly possible to perform a rebounder workout in your bare feet, it's a better idea to always wear athletic shoes when you step onto this device. Shoes are valuable for a number of reasons, including the grip that they provide. When you bounce, you want to be confident that your feet won't slip when you land on the surface of the rebounder. Bare feet or socks won't provide as much grip as shoes. Additionally, your shoes will offer ankle support when you're bouncing from side to side.

Keep It Dry

If you sweat a lot while you exercise, you'll want to keep a towel handy when you perform a rebounder workout. You can use the towel to soak up your sweat while you bounce, but it's also useful for wiping the surface of the rebounder when it gets excessively wet. Even though athletic shoes will provide good traction, you don't want to bounce on a wet surface more than necessary because it could get slippery. Taking a moment to wipe down the rebounder during each break can ensure you have good traction.

Perform Short Workouts

It's a good idea to try a few short workouts on your rebounder to see how you feel before you commit to longer bouncing sessions. For example, don't get a rebounder and immediately convince yourself that you'll bounce for 30 minutes straight. Instead, you might want to try just 2 or 3 minutes of bouncing, and then take a short break to see how you feel. You'll be testing your cardiovascular fitness and using several lower-body muscles during this workout, so shorter workouts—especially at the start—will help you build up to longer ones without straining your body. Keep these safety tips in mind when you buy a new rebounder trampoline to use for your workouts at home.

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