Home Exercise: Key Advantages Of In-Home Physical Therapy

If you or a loved one needs physical therapy but are unable to travel to a clinic, in-home physical therapy can be a good substitute. It can also be a good option for those who find large physical therapy clinics overwhelming or who do not live close to a facility. In-home physical therapy has many benefits that in-clinic therapy may not be able to provide. 

Best for those with physical limitations

When you are recovering from surgery or an injury, physical therapy is often a required part of the recovery and healing process. If you are unable to drive due to your injury or find it difficult to get in and out of your vehicle to get to therapy, in-home physical therapy can relieve a lot of stress. You can remain in the comfort of your home and have your therapist travel to you.

Privacy matters

Most physical therapy clinics are like open gyms where everyone is working on various machines in a large space. For those who have a social anxiety disorder or feel uneasy in a crowd, this may affect their ability to perform their therapy treatment plan while being observed by others. When you can do your exercises in the comfort of your own home, you may gain more benefits because you are focusing on your workout rather than on all the distractions around you.

Practical purposes

When you are in your own home, your physical therapist can make your program personal to suit your environment. For instance, in the clinic, your therapist may try to explain how you can use a doorway or bench at home to perform your exercises. When your therapist is with you in your home, they can show you exactly what objects around your home are suitable to use for your program, so you will not have to figure it out on your own.

You get to know your therapist

When you get physical therapy in a clinic you will typically have several therapists working with you over the course of your treatment sessions. When choosing in-home care, you are more likely to have the same therapist working with you at each treatment session. Working with the same therapist can help you learn your exercise techniques easier since every therapist may do things a little differently.  

If you need physical therapy, you may want to discuss the possibility of in-home therapy versus in-clinic therapy with your physician to see which is the best option. Whether you have physical limitations that make travel difficult or prefer a more personalized approach to physical therapy, in-home therapy may be just what you need to recover. 

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